bumping this as I really have no way forward at th...
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bumping this as I really have no way forward at the moment, starting to feel like Pants may not be in the stars for me - https://pantsbuild.slack.com/archives/C046T6T9U/p1682444973353959 I tried uninstalling and reinstalling pants using homebrew and now pants can't even load a help message, if I just run
I get the same error:
Exception message: Could not initialize store for cache: "Error making env for store at \"/Users/zach/.cache/pants/lmdb_store/cache/8\": No space left on device"
I tried deleting everything in
, deleted everything in my docker cache (don't think this would matter), restarted my computer. tried checking out a new copy of the repo I was working on. I also tried creating a new project with a minimal pants.toml setup, same error. short of reformatting my computer I'm really not sure what else to try.
there’s also a cache for the bootstrapped pants at
that you may want to try to nuke first..
but no space left on device.. what does
df -h
thanks, just tried nuking
but no change
not super sure how to parse the output, but here's `df -h`:
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Filesystem       Size   Used  Avail Capacity iused      ifree %iused  Mounted on
/dev/disk3s3s1  926Gi   12Gi  761Gi     2%  349475 4293746329    0%   /
devfs           210Ki  210Ki    0Bi   100%     726          0  100%   /dev
/dev/disk3s6    926Gi  4.0Gi  761Gi     1%       4 7981504800    0%   /System/Volumes/VM
/dev/disk3s4    926Gi  9.1Gi  761Gi     2%    1196 7981504800    0%   /System/Volumes/Preboot
/dev/disk3s2    926Gi  663Mi  761Gi     1%     275 7981504800    0%   /System/Volumes/Update
/dev/disk1s2    500Mi  6.0Mi  481Mi     2%       1    4921360    0%   /System/Volumes/xarts
/dev/disk1s1    500Mi  6.1Mi  481Mi     2%      36    4921360    0%   /System/Volumes/iSCPreboot
/dev/disk1s3    500Mi  2.5Mi  481Mi     1%      49    4921360    0%   /System/Volumes/Hardware
/dev/disk3s1    926Gi  138Gi  761Gi    16% 1883792 7981504800    0%   /System/Volumes/Data
map auto_home     0Bi    0Bi    0Bi   100%       0          0  100%   /System/Volumes/Data/home
/dev/disk2s1    5.0Gi  1.5Gi  3.4Gi    31%      60   36151200    0%   /System/Volumes/Update/SFR/mnt1
/dev/disk4s2    2.2Gi  2.2Gi   11Mi   100%    7369 4294959910    0%   /Volumes/PyCharm
/dev/disk5s1    783Mi  722Mi   61Mi    93%   17304 4294949975    0%   /Volumes/pgAdmin 4
/dev/disk3s3    926Gi   12Gi  761Gi     2%  356095 4293621667    0%   /System/Volumes/Update/mnt1
yea that looks ok to me.
just to get a lot more logging going, how far do you get with:
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RUST_LOG=trace pants -ldebug -V
quite a large output so I attached it here
this is really weird / not I’m familiar with. I see you tried a new repo with a minimal pants.toml. does it give the same error also for a newer version of pants? say
otherwise perhaps @witty-crayon-22786 recognizes the error message?
I just tried 2.16.0rc1 in both my normal repo and new reop with minimal pants.toml and the error message is the same
all out of ideas 🤷
i’ve seen this once before when crash dumps are enabled… might you have enabled crash dumps on your machine?
do you have anything in
I'm not faimilar with crash dumps, certainly not something I enabled and this kind of just came out of the blue at the end of last week for me with this machine
folder is there but there isn't anything in it
slightly ridiculous, but: have you rebooted recently?
I think I rebooted last week when this first came up but let me give it another shot to make sure
k… if you’re still seeing it after a reboot, i think that you might want to try
Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility > First Aid
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I really appreciate y'all trying to help out, I'll keep you updated
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because while our usage of the disk is slightly unusual (we MMAP a lot of stuff), i’ve never seen it fail this way without an actual disk space issue
wooo! a restart got it working again 🤷 I thought I had tried that, thanks for bearing with me on this one!
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Thanks for sticking with it! "Have you tried turning it off and on again" will remain good advice for centuries...
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