Hi, I'm trying out the Pants launcher in CI, after...
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Hi, I'm trying out the Pants launcher in CI, after a long time of successful local usage. However, I'm getting an error which I think is related to my setup, but I'm not sure about why it happens on how to avoid it. Will appreciate any help. Details in ๐Ÿงต.
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[2023-04-27T12:48:54.122Z] ci/run_pants.sh --version
[2023-04-27T12:48:57.328Z] 12:48:57.29 [INFO] Initializing scheduler...
[2023-04-27T12:48:57.829Z] 12:48:57.82 [INFO] Scheduler initialized.
[2023-04-27T12:48:57.929Z] 12:48:57.88 [WARN] Please run with `--plugins=hdrhistogram` if you would like histogram summaries to be shown at the end of the run, or permanently add `[GLOBAL].plugins = ['hdrhistogram']`. This will cause Pants to install the `hdrhistogram` dependency from PyPI.
[2023-04-27T12:48:57.929Z] 2.16.0.dev3
[2023-04-27T12:48:57.929Z] 12:48:57.91 [INFO] Counters:
[2023-04-27T12:48:57.929Z]   backtrack_attempts: 0
[2023-04-27T12:48:57.929Z]   docker_execution_errors: 0
[2023-04-27T12:48:57.929Z]   docker_execution_requests: 0
[2023-04-27T12:48:57.930Z]   remote_execution_success: 0
[2023-04-27T12:48:57.930Z]   remote_execution_timeouts: 0
[2023-04-27T12:48:57.930Z]   remote_process_total_time_run_ms: 0
[2023-04-27T12:48:57.930Z]   remote_store_missing_digest: 0
[2023-04-27T12:48:58.030Z] Fatal Python error: PyGILState_Release: thread state 0x7fef0c0011b0 must be current when releasing
[2023-04-27T12:48:58.030Z] Python runtime state: finalizing (tstate=0xad0050)
[2023-04-27T12:48:58.030Z] Thread 0x00007fef7efd8000 (most recent call first):
[2023-04-27T12:48:58.030Z] <no Python frame>
[2023-04-27T12:48:58.331Z] ci/run_pants.sh: line 17: 56893 Aborted                 (core dumped) pants "$@"
script returned exit code 134
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set -e

export PYENV_ROOT="${PYENV_ROOT:-/.pyenv}"

# The Pants installer installs into the home directory


pants "$@"
Likely fixed here: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/pull/18166 and that's in 2.16.0.dev7. As a rule of thumb, if not on a stable release, try the latest 1st: https://pypi.org/project/pantsbuild.pants/2.16.0rc1/
Actually, we are using dev3 for months now both locally and in CI and it was all fine. The thing I changed is in CI, installing it using the launcher. I'm insisting here for a bit since I need it to work with dev3 and the launcher in order to migrate CI to the launcher without breaking a heap of PRs. If there any hack I can implement on my side to mitigate that issue?
Nope. Not if I'm right about the root cause.
What do you mean by "the launcher" by the way?
You mean scie-pants - the
If so, it is totally unrelated to the Pants bug but does trigger it more often.
So your only option I think is to treat the 2 goals as orthogonal. 1st upgrade to >= .dev7 , then, once done, switch to the launcher.
I see.. Thanks - will do so ๐Ÿ™‚