I'm seeing some interesting behavior. If I change ...
# general
I'm seeing some interesting behavior. If I change a yaml file, I can run
./pants --changed-since=master list
and I see the yaml show up in the changes. If I run
./pants --changed-since=master --changed-dependees=direct list
, I still only see the yaml file. When I run
./pants --changed-since=master dependees
, I see the
target that corresponds to my yaml file. Since the language of changed-dependees says
Include direct or transitive dependees of changed targets.
I'm not really understanding why
--changed-since=master --changed-dependees=direct
doesn't show the same thing as
--changed-since=master dependees
Here's a snippet to illustrate this
At the moment, I'm not really seeing why I would use
--changed-since=master --changed-dependees=direct
--changed-since=master dependees
This is a bit confusing, but the thing to remember is that
flags set the inputs to the goal, and
then act on those inputs. So
pants --changed-since=main list
is "show me all the targets that have changed" and
pants --changed-since=main dependents
(the dependees name is a deprecated alias for dependents) is "show me the direct dependents of all the targets that have changed",
So you are getting what you asked for.
Yeah, I understand that part. But I'm having a harder time understanding what the correct behavior of
should give. It does different things dependent on the target type that is changed.
Ah, OK, so I think this appears to have something to do with treating generator targets differently
./pants --changed-since=main --changed-dependees=transitive list
does not have
in the output
which is inconsistent with
./pants --changed-since=main dependents --transitive