I'm starting to play with environments. I had it i...
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I'm starting to play with environments. I had it in my head that a
could be a
target (or at least use a series of docker instructions), but looks like I'm mistaken?
https://www.pantsbuild.org/docs/environments does not show that. It seems like it shipped non-DRY. It definitely shipped not fully polished so perhaps it just needs finishing.
Yeah that's where I'm feeling I'm wrong.
Let me check our tests to see if it's just undocumented
Yeah, reading code here sounds like the smart thing to do.
I must've been hallucinating I don't see it anywhere
Oh it doesn't even work if you package it locally 😭
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And womp womp:
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Exception: Failed to make named cache(s) for local execution: "Failed to create parent directory for named cache in Docker container:\nstdout:\n\nstderr:\nmkdir: cannot create directory '/pants-named-caches/pex_root': Permission denied\n\n"
Not being able to work with these images locally and tweak is painful
mm, i had forgotten about https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/17714 … yea, that’s a stabilization blocker.
And womp womp:
that’s a separate bug… the named cache directory inside the image is hardcoded now, but could be configurable.