PyCon US is next week! Who's going? <@U051221NF> <...
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PyCon US is next week! Who's going? @happy-kitchen-89482 @ancient-vegetable-10556 @witty-crayon-22786 @bitter-ability-32190 will be repping Pants in person and I'll be repping Pants online via a short talk for the PyCon Open Source Maintainers Summit. If you'll be attending PyCon, keep an eye out of folks wearing this year's "This is my Pants shirt" shirts šŸ¤£ with the Pants logo. They'll be giving away Pants stickers, so do say hi and pick up your stickers!
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Just started looking closely at my schedule. I see @rhythmic-morning-87313 is giving a talk! šŸ™Œ Congrats!
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Yeah Iā€™m arriving on Tuesday. šŸ¤—
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