Pants Template: A simple wrapper of ansible <https...
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Pants Template: A simple wrapper of ansible
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A) fantastic B) how is this not called pantsible?
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Here is only code for invoking ansible. Using pants as a wrapper helps us make it reproducible.
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    name = "pex", 
    entry_point = "ansible.cli.adhoc:main",
Because it is a series of Pants template project: I'm considering to write a book for Pants.
Nice! If you'd like technical reviewers for the book, feel free to ask. I'm sure we can find maintainers who'd like to support that.
Daniel and I had been working on a first-party ansible plugin, but had to abandon for some other work - if you’ve got any thoughts or directions on this, that would be great! I’m looking to revisit in a couple of months, since I’m using ansible a lot more.