Hi all, trying to set up the <django example> to s...
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Hi all, trying to set up the django example to see how helpful pants will be in terms of packaging a project for distribution in the future and I'm running into some issues while attempting to use the manage.pex files on a different ip and port. Is that standard or is it specifically locked by the binary targets of the example?
But that's just an opinionated example of how to work with multiple django services, you're free to do this any way you like
Re different IP, not sure what you mean?
manage.py runserver
is just for local dev servers
I was doing general testing to see how the pex files would interact with arguments and I wanted to make the dev server match the config that I normally utilise from my VM... In this case I wanted to get some form of output accessible from the host the VM is sitting on, thus I wanted to output to
, such that the port forwarding we have in place knows to hand this off to the localhost of the host machine
The pex should behave the same as running raw
, so it should take the same flags. But in the example we munge those flags, e.g., here: https://github.com/pantsbuild/example-django/blob/67681a5acc71b0435c180e640730c038c570a81f/helloworld/util/service.py#L31
But you are free not to do any of that. That is just part of the opinionated example, so definitely YMMV