is this <design doc> the best thing to read on how...
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is this design doc the best thing to read on how the environment stuff works under the hood? I'm interested in understanding how it compares to platforms & transitions in bazel.
@witty-crayon-22786 is probably the authority on environments
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@flaky-beard-52072: assuming that you’ve already read , then yea: that’s probably the best reference on implementation. not completely up to date, but.
the largest difference that i’m aware of is that multiple environments may be used concurrently in one Pants build, while in Bazel, the host and target platforms are global settings
i.e., you can concurrently build for both macOS and Linux via docker or a remote environment.
yeah I've read blog post & docs but was left with questions. probably the right move is to play with the feature instead of pontificate!
happy to talk about it after you’ve experimented a bit, yea. thanks!
that'll be a while 😶