Hello all, wondering if this is the right channel ...
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Hello all, wondering if this is the right channel to ask the following: In evaluating Pants I'm wondering if it is feasible to have build artifacts that come from the scientific python stack (e.g. Numpy/Scipy). Some of our projects will wrap Fortran or C code. Is Pants going to be friend or foe here? ** For Fortran, we'll be using numpy's
Hmm, interesting. Depends on the details. For example, If these are built as Python extensions then Pants can handle that by building a local dist from your setup.py (or equivalent)
Or, you may be able to invoke relevant tools via the new adhoc_tool functionality
We do currently have everything in setup.py. Here is a snippet of the setup.py file with the interesting bits:
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from numpy.distutils.core import (setup, Extension)

my_c_extension = Extension('my_c_module', sources=['my_c_code.c'])
my_fortran_extension = Extension('my_fortran_module', sources=['my_fortran_code.f'])

    ext_modules=[my_c_extension, my_fortran_extension],
Are you familiar with this workflow?
As I'm typing this, I'm referencing some Numpy docs and I'm seeing a deprecation warning for this workflow, due to distutils... 😄
So if you have a
target for this setup.py and have
targets with (inferred or explicit) dependencies on that
then Pants will build the wheel from the setup.py and ensure that it's on the sys.path when you run tests etc.
Will do, thanks!
Was hoping to switch everything over to pyproject.toml. I'll investigate whether this is possible.