Hi all, I’m trying to configure the pants ignore i...
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Hi all, I’m trying to configure the pants ignore in this way
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pants_version = "2.15.0"
pants_ignore.add = ["!.env"]
However, whenever I added that line, I see this error below
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native_engine.PantsdClientException: The pantsd process was killed during the run.

If this was not intentionally done by you, Pants may have been killed by the operating system due to memory overconsumption (i.e. OOM-killed). If you keep seeing this error message, try the troubleshooting steps below. If none of those help, please consider filing a GitHub issue or reaching out on Slack so that we can investigate the possible memory overconsumption (<https://www.pantsbuild.org/docs/getting-help>).
 - Exit other applications, including applications running in the background.
 - Set the global option `--pantsd-max-memory-usage` to reduce Pantsd's memory consumption by retaining less in its in-memory cache (run `./pants help-advanced global`).
 - Disable pantsd with the global option `--no-pantsd` to avoid persisting memory across Pants runs, although you will miss out on additional caching.
i won’t see this error after removing the line. I’m curious is this a configuration error or something else
oh, actually, as long as the .env file is not ignored, I’ll see this error
do you have a symlink referenced in your .env file?
I just had a very similar error last week that was due to a file that wasn't being ignored containing a symlink
specifically I think it was a symlink to a python interpreter
oh, you’re absolutely right! thank you so much!
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That sounds like something that should be fixed, because it seems incredibly subtle and the diagnostics are not great. Could you file an issue? Thanks