I'm running into <this issue> running the dependen...
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I'm running into this issue running the dependents goal. Except I set the max memory limit of the daemon to be 16 GB to be safe. It keeps downloading 3rd-party Go modules every single invocation. Then it seems to be running analysis on all external and internal packages, taking a total of 103 seconds to return 5 results. I did delete my
to debug other issues but I would assume caches are regenerated cleanly after that.
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Pants version is "2.16.0rc0"
I'm willing to take a look at this but it's currently a blocker for onboarding Pants onto our Go repo. It seems that everyone trying to assess Pants is encountering the same issue.
i'm having the same issue as well, but the time taken for me was way more exaggerating. it took me 6-8 mins for
pants dependee file_name
commands, no matter how many times i ran it
It seems like memory might still be the issue here. After raising the Pants daemon memory limit to 64 GB I can get caching to work as expected between successful runs.
However even SIGTERMing the Pants client causes the issue to resurface