Hi all! I'm trying to update my Poetry dependencie...
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Hi all! I'm trying to update my Poetry dependencies to include the
Python SDK, and some of the runs for a
pants check ::
(and other goals like package) are going on over 3 hours now, compared to if I remove that dependency it's 5 seconds. How can I best debug this and/or anyone have some ideas?
Ouch! What is it spending that 3 hours doing?
I’m not quite sure 👀 Is there a verbosity flag I can use to inspect? Can’t seem to find one..
but is it not showing something in the "swimlanes" (the dynamic ui)?
It just kind of continues at "Building requirements.pex with 25 requirements: StrEnum<0.5.0,>=0.4.8, StrEnum<" without changing
If I separate out sagemaker + boto3 dependencies into a separate package with its own pyproject.toml it builds for just that target. But if I try to
check ::
it continues its non-ending requirement building
Are you using any kind of lockfile? Are you pinning your boto3 version? If so does it align with what sagemaker requires? Sagemaker has dependency on boto3
Yes, I'm using a poetry lockfile. Yes, to
. And it aligns with what Sagemaker requires:
Also after separating out the packages, it seems like the check :: goal is the only thing that stalls. tests ::, lint ::, package ::, fmt :: all build fine
Ended up being that we had a version conflict with sagemaker and protobuf that never was detected between the two packages. had to downgrade protobuf to < 4.0.0. figured this out when you try to add sagemaker to the project that had protobuf, it would complain that there's no dependency solution, but that would not come up when you try to pants test/package/etc.
Thanks for the update
that'll be useful if anyone else hits a similar issue