Hi, I'm facing a problem with scripts such as `uvi...
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Hi, I'm facing a problem with scripts such as
when using
./pants export
I'd like to be able to sometimes run them without actually invoking pants. The reason is we've got some code in the repo that we do not package and only run during development or as pocs, and it is often easier and faster to just run it this way. The problem I'm facing is that the scripts ignore
variable so I'm unable to import my first-party code. I compared the scripts exported using pants and the ones created with
pip install
and the only difference is in the shebang - the pants ones include
flags. This explains why they ignore
. I assume this is by design. What's the rationale behind it? Is there a way to get rid of the
You’re running into https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/17764. Pex has a flag to enable the desired functionality, but it hasn’t been plumbed through the Pants layer yet
Okay, nice to know there is an open issue for that. Should have done a quick search for that myself, my bad. Thanks for sharing 🙂