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04/04/2023, 3:06 AM
related to a quesiton by @aloof-appointment-30987 4 months back I am wanting to read the
file that is generated, and drop it into the
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        name = "my_lib",
        version <-=-- HERE
field. what I can't workout is • do i write a plugin ? (have tried many a time to write one - but seem to get trapped on the documentation • do i write a Field ? (same how can I read the version file, and feed it into the field) context: • are using conventional commits • using
to manage the version tagging and bumping (basically, if its main/ bump the version (in the CI script) but am stuck to how I get that setup_tools scm, version, into the verion field for the python artifact (full well knowing that the pyproject.toml itself, is told to use setuptools_scm, which also generates the same 🙂
Is there a good repo of pants plug-in examples ? My goal is depend upon vcs_version, read that file and supply the version string to python_artifact