how do people handle `pytest` folders for differen...
# general
how do people handle
folders for different subprojects which share
fixtures? Right now I'm putting shared test utilities into a common module, then having a file local to each subproject which imports the utilities and applies the pytest
wrapper. This seems to work alright and eliminates duplication of the fixture logic, but the fixtures themselves still need to be duplicated to apply the
wrapper. Feels like I'm probably missing a way to share the actual
between tests in various directories / subprojects
I wonder if you can use a
specific to this shared
and put explicit dependency on it across subprojects. It still sounds bit icky though. Currently I define subproject specific conftest. We haven’t had use case where we had to share fixtures across multiple sub-projects but i can definitely see this can be the case in future since we have lot of fixtures around mocking aws infra.
I think all my
targets would need to include the dependency, which would be a pain. although I could probably abstract that behind a macro. I have lots of data-generation and spark fixtures that get shared so it's a problem I'll be tackling soon. In some ways I kinda like having a subproject-specific conftest that explicitly imports the fixtures it cares about from a shared module.