Has anyone successfully used pants in conjunction ...
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Has anyone successfully used pants in conjunction with a serverless.com project?
We’ve got a system in place that allows us to use pants and serverless together but it’s definitely a bit hacky and not how I’d like it to be. Our system is the following: 1. Have a separate folder for each serverless project (i.e. per serverless.yml) 2. softlink all of the required python modules for that project into that folder 3. add a pipfile to each folder that contains just the packages required for that project 4. We can then deploy the serverless projects by running the deploy command in the project folder (or by running the relevant command in CI, we use GitHub actions). Ideally this would all be handled using a pants plugin or something similar so that we wouldn’t need to manage the dependencies ourselves and to avoid the softlinking. However, given our small team we haven’t prioritised creating this plugin as our solution has been working reliably for us at the moment. If you do go down the plugin route I’d definitely be interested (and I’m sure there are others that would be too, I remember seeing a similar question a couple of months ago).