Hi, I'd appreciate some help on how to handle requ...
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Hi, I'd appreciate some help on how to handle requirements that are implicitly present when running certain targets, but I still need to import them in code. In particular I mean importing
in files that belong to
. It's there when running
./pants test
and works fine, but it's rightfully not recognized by the IDE when using the env from
./pants export
How should I approach this? Should I add
? If so, is there a way to keep the versions synchronized?
Yeah, we’ve got it in requirements and that works well. Unfortunately “manually” is the only way to keep them synced for now… I think 2.16 or 2.17 resolves that situation by allowing pants to just use the one from requirements instead of trying to have its own.
Thanks! That's what I'll do then. Also, that sounds like a nice quality of life improvement. Can't wait to see that 🙂
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