# announce


03/23/2023, 8:44 PM
📣 We're very proud of the vibrant, welcoming, responsive community that you all contribute to here. For a long time it's been a goal to make the Slack archives visible to search engines so that others can benefit even faster from previous questions and answers, and so that newcomers can see for themselves that this community is among the truly standout features of Pants. Recently a community member, @breezy-apple-27122, suggested looking into the Slack mirroring app Linen. Upon testing it's proven to be a great fit for our needs, so we'll be formally launching it on Tuesday with all six of the public channels here being mirrored to the web (note: private channels and DMs are not mirrored). Here's a sneak preview of this upcoming feature! The slack has always been an open group that anyone can join, and read. Nevertheless, we recognize that from time-to-time someone might have forgotten that it's a public forum, and made an offhand comment that they expected to have a relatively limited audience. Which is why we are providing this advance notice period so that you have opportunity to edit any comment before Tuesday's launch. We also have enabled a Linen feature which assigns every single user a new randomized username (I'm known as
, for instance). Profiles (e.g. email address, pronouns, etc.) are not published to the mirror. We're delighted to be able to soon share this deep repository of knowledge, insight, and generosity with a larger audience, and that it will be easier than ever to get started with Pants. Thank you to Rhuan for bringing Linen to our attention!
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