Feel free to tell me to file a github issue for th...
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Feel free to tell me to file a github issue for this, but is it expected that caching would not work when passing
pants check
? @sparse-lifeguard-95737 and I have reproduced an issue where if we use that parameter on the command line, pants does not appear to cache the results. We believe caching is not being used because subsequent runs with no changes do not get faster, as is usual with pants.
Are you able to run with
to dump the cache counters?
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backtrack_attempts: 0
  docker_execution_errors: 0
  docker_execution_requests: 0
  docker_execution_successes: 0
  local_cache_read_errors: 0
  local_cache_requests: 5280
  local_cache_requests_cached: 5264
  local_cache_requests_uncached: 16
  local_cache_total_time_saved_ms: 895993
  local_cache_write_errors: 0
  local_execution_requests: 16
  local_process_total_time_run_ms: 93772
  remote_cache_read_errors: 0
  remote_cache_request_timeouts: 0
  remote_cache_requests: 1
  remote_cache_requests_cached: 0
  remote_cache_requests_uncached: 1
  remote_cache_speculation_local_completed_first: 0
  remote_cache_speculation_remote_completed_first: 0
  remote_cache_total_time_saved_ms: 0
  remote_cache_write_attempts: 1
  remote_cache_write_errors: 0
  remote_cache_write_successes: 1
  remote_execution_errors: 0
  remote_execution_requests: 0
  remote_execution_rpc_errors: 0
  remote_execution_rpc_execute: 0
  remote_execution_rpc_retries: 0
  remote_execution_rpc_wait_execution: 0
  remote_execution_success: 0
  remote_execution_timeouts: 0
  remote_process_total_time_run_ms: 0
  remote_store_missing_digest: 0
and if you run the same Pants commands (with same --mypy-args), does it cache the results?
would change the digest of the underlying
executed which is the cache key.
(to clarify, it is the digests of the Action and Command protos from the REAPI)
hmm it seems to be caching correctly now, but was definitely not before. I don't know what's different
I will try to collect more info next time
There's also the mypy cache which might've been blown away or invalidated 🤷‍♂️