So I have this step in our current build process t...
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So I have this step in our current build process that uses this tool to inject copyright headers before packaging. This is done in CI and hence the modified files are not in source control. Now, as part of the tarball and docker builds, it would be nice for the files to be modified before packaging (e.g. in the sandbox for example). Is there a good way/pattern to do this? Or do I have to check in all the code with copyright headers?
I think the new ad_hoc command feature (which we're still writing docs for) might work for this
or writing a plugin for that tool
but that would require some ruby infra that we don't have
so probably an ad_hoc command for now
So the way we execute it is through an existing docker image: e.g.
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docker run --rm --volume `pwd`:/usr/src/ osterman/copyright-header:latest --add-path my_subdir --license-file LICENSE --output-dir ./
where is this ad hoc functionality? I can poke a bit at it if there are no docs for it yet. 2.15?
Yes, the experimental shell command is graduating out of experimental as
In 2.16 there’ll also be a new
backend exactly for the purpose of managing copyright headers so you can check them in without hassle.
kk - I’ll take a look, thanks. For now it might be just as easy to apply the copyright header in the CI sandbox across the whole monorepo, so it would be a pre pants step.