Hey all, getting this error when trying to generat...
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Hey all, getting this error when trying to generate a Python lockfile:
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ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement pandas==1.5.2
ERROR: No matching distribution found for pandas==1.5.2
When I remove that dependency from my
the lockfile generation works. This version of pandas also definitely exists: https://pypi.org/project/pandas/#history. I have https://pypi.org/simple/ specified in my indexes field under
. Also weird is that there are other dependencies that depend on pandas and it is able to locate a much older version, but there's no requirement that should prevent installation of this specific version.
It is saying it can't find that version that also matches all the other constraints. There is probably an interpreter constraint or a version constraint on another dep that is making v1.5.2 be marked "incompatible".
this kind of error is in most case due to to wide range of python interpreter constraints defined in pants.toml https://www.pantsbuild.org/docs/python-interpreter-compatibility so for example, if you allow python 3.6, pants will try to find a version/wheel (aka distribution) for pandas that satisfies both the interpreter constraints (3.6) and the pandas version (1.5.2) and if that fails, that is the error you will be getting.
Yeah, exactly, This is
*Requires:* Python >=3.8
@ripe-gigabyte-88964 if you re-run with
we can see the command line Pants uses to try to create the lock file. That will include what it thinks the
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Thanks all, never would've figured that out 😅