Is there a proper/sanctioned/standard way of makin...
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Is there a proper/sanctioned/standard way of making pants "pipeable"? I'm pushing some containers (with my own OCI builder) but right now the info about pushing (hashes etc) is going to stderr . I'd want that either on stdout or writing to a file; but not sure if there's any prior art to mimic here. Optimally I'd want all builds from the current invocation in one place.
If you’re happy adjusting the shell side, you can include stderr in the stdout pipeable output via
pants whatever … 2>&1
which redirects file descriptor 2 (stderr) to file descriptor 1 (stdout). Similarly, stderr can be written to a file via
2> path/to/file.log
. Does either of those handle what you want? If you’re in a plug-in, another option would be having an output file containing the metadata. If you are in a plug-in, what goal is it running under?
It's running under publish, it felt like the most reasonable native goal. I was thinking a file, but I don't think I have a nice method of "collecting" the outputs from all publishes in a step?
Huh, I probably want
, don't I. Now I feel like a doofus.
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